PRH educator for personal development

What is PRH?

PRH (Personnalité et Relations Humaines Personality and human relations) provides humanistic personal and professional development programs.

Some PRH activities include:


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Half-day Workshops (3 hours)

  • If I Say ‘No’ I Don’t Feel Comfortable
  • Growing in Self-Confidence
  • Authentic Encounters: Being Who We Truly Are in the Face of Others
  • Educating Our Children from Our Hearts
  • Less Stress in Our Lives
  • A Gesture of Love Can Touch People

Full-day workshops /short-modules (6 hours)

  • Challenging Myself to Live Fully
  • Decision-Making in Every Day Life
  • Working Together, Complementing Each Other
  • Our Children’s Unique Aspects

Two-day workshops /module

  • Developing Our Leadership Capacities
  • Freeing Myself from What Destabilizes Me in My Relationships

Intensive workshops (4 days)

  • Who Am I: Getting to Know Better the Solid Core of My Personality
  • Finding Fulfillment in My Work
  • Supporting My Children in Their Growth
  • Growing in My Couple Relationship
  • My Body and My Personal Growth
  • Exploring My Inner World (Pre-Requisite: Who Am I)
  • Living With More Inner Balance (Pre-Requisite: Who Am I)
  • Clarifying My Relationships (Pre-Requisite: Who Am I)
  • Accelerating My Growth (Pre-Requisite: Who Am I & Exploring My Inner World)
  • Growing in My Capacity to Love and Be Loved (Pre-Requisite: Who Am I & Exploring My Inner World)
  • Making Constructive Decisions (Pre-Requisite: Who Am I & Exploring My Inner World)
  • Becoming Fully Authentic (Pre-Requisite: Who Am I & Exploring My Inner World)
  • Exploring The Transcendent Dimension of My Life (Pre-Requisite: Who Am I & Exploring My Inner World)
  • Freeing Myself from Imbalances in My Relationships (Pre-Requisite: Who Am I & Exploring My Inner World)
  • Learning to Receive Help Using the PRH Method (Pre-Requisite: Who Am I & Exploring My Inner World)
  • Learning to Help Using the PRH Method (Pre-Requisite: Learning to Receive Help)
  • Becoming Effective in Helping Others (Pre-Requisite: Learning to Help)

Group accompaniment (follow-up for those who have attended intensive workshops):

  • My Quality of Life and My Body
  • Enhancing Communication and Relationships
  • Harmonious Within, Means for Growth
  • Continuing My Discovery of “Who Am I”
  • Becoming Who I Really Am: A Possibility and a Challenge

There is also an annual personal growth program (FPM) – contact to inquire.


PRH educators/facilitators can work with different groups to develop PRH workshops that meet specific needs.

Specific tailored workshops that has been developed include: a module for psychiatrists to deal with specific mental health problems, a corporate program for employees in a company facing a particular challenge, empowerment programs for women, and many more. PRH educators in Indonesia can collaborate to run parallel programs.


To request a tailored workshop or for more information about PRH activities, please contact: