What happens in a helping relationship?

Some people may be afraid to come for help
You may ask: What can I expect when I come for consultation?

Some people may be afraid of coming to a psychiatrist – Am I crazy?

If I opt for a “PRH helping relationship/accompaniment” – What is that? 

Well, what happens is: we talk.

First you tell me about yourself and what brought you to come. You ask your questions and tell me what you might need. I might ask you some questions so we can both get a better understanding.

Then I give my response to what you shared. I may share some of the approaches and tools that may help you reach your goals.

After that we talk about it further and take steps to reach your goal: be it feel better, understand yourself more, improve your relationships, etc. In other words, together we will find ways to help you deal with your situation.

What if you don’t want to talk? Well, that is okay. I will be with you in your silence. If you want to write, I can write with you. If you want to draw, I can draw with you. If you want to cry or smile or just simply have someone accept you however you are, that is okay too.

If you want someone else to talk on your behalf, or get help for someone else, we will see what we can do. We can have a session with couples, families, or others if necessary.

It is about getting the help you need, whether you need it from  psychiatry (for example if some of the problems might have a biological basis, if you need specific treatment, or if it is too difficult to even think, feel or function) or from PRH (if you can function well enough yet there are areas you are not so satisfied with or want to grow further in your life).

Some people may find both approaches complementary. Who says someone with a mental disorder does not want to grow and be their best selves? Or perhaps you generally function well and want to grow, but once a while you have trouble sleeping and would really benefit from something that can quickly give you the adequate rest you need for an important task?

Whichever you need, most importantly, when you come, the space is for you.

Let me assure you…

In this space you are safe
In this space you can explore your thoughts, feelings, and emotions
In this space you are not judged
In this space you can untangle your troubles and concerns
In this space you are not alone
In this space you can look for answers to your questions
In this space you are accepted as all that you are
In this space you can take steps to be more of who you are meant to be
In this space you can identify the means to help you
In this space I am here for you if you need me
In this space you can simply be

If you would like a psychiatric consultation, you can: Schedule a Medical Appointment

If the  schedule is full, you can contact Ciputra Medical Center reception hotline to request time or ask to be on the wait list. You can also check again online periodically just in case a new slot is available. If you require urgent attention, please go to your closest hospital.


If you would like a PRH personal accompaniment for personal growth, you can: Book an Accompaniment

If you have any questions about PRH, please email: prh@wicaksana.org

If you are in any doubt, your psychiatrist or PRH accompanist would be able to direct you to the appropriate service.


If you are unable to come for any reason, please cancel or reschedule your appointment as soon as possible, so that others who are waiting on the list may be able to come for the help they need.

Thank you for your kind consideration.