I am Citra. I am a PRH educator. My passion is to help others grow to become more of who each person is meant to be. 

I am particularly keen to help the self-development of people who are passionate in helping other people grow too, causing a ripple effect, allowing us to help more and more people.

I hope to achieve this aim of helping others grow in their capacity to help others through my PRH work. This is supported by my role as a psychiatrist, through my position as a lecturer in medical school and masters of management program, as well as through my involvement in organizations and movements. 

Personally, I love to write, occasionally sing, and most importantly, spend time with my family. 

So who are you, what do you do, what makes you feel most passionate and alive?

What brought you to this website?

Workshop PRH “Who Am I? Getting to know better the solid core of your personality” (4 days) is fully booked (waiting list)

Workshop PRH “Who Am I? Getting to know better the solid core of your personality” (‘Siapa Saya’ Mengenal dengan lebih baik inti yang kokoh dari kepribadian Anda).

Edukator: dr. Theresia Citraningtyas, MWH, PhD, Sp.KJ

Tanggal: 29-30 Mei & 5-6 Juni 2021 pk.08.30-17.30 (4 hari)

PRH (disingkat dari Bahasa Perancis Personalité et Relations Humaines – Personality and Human Relations) merupakan pendekatan humanistik yang memberikan pelatihan untuk semakin mengenal diri dan mengembangkan kepribadian secara eksperiensial. PRH sudah berdiri selama lebih dari 50 tahun manca negara.

Tujuan Acara:

  • Membantu peserta semakin mengenal dirinya
  • Mendukung proses pengembangan kepribadian peserta
  • Membantu peserta mengidentifikasi aspirasi yang terdalam
  • Memperjelas kondisi yang mendukung pengembangan kepribadian
  • Meningkatkan soliditas dan keyakinan diri dalam hidup peserta, diharapkan menciptakan individu yang lebih baik dalam menghadapi tantangan hidup dan pekerjaan

Workshop ini merupakan workshop PRH yang pertama dan paling utama yang memberikan dasar untuk pelatihan lanjutan analisa PRH, menolong orang lain, meningkatkan pertumbuhan, dan lainnya. Workshop ini mengupas gambaran diri, otonomi, sumbu-sumbu pribadi manusia, dan lainnya untuk membantu peserta semakin menjadi diri sendiri.

Workshop ini dilakukan secara eksperiential (mengalami secara langsung), dengan analisa dengan panduan, sharing, dan pengalaman yang memperkaya.

KLIK untuk informasi lebih lanjut dan waiting list

Upcoming workshop

PRH Workshop “Who Am I?” Getting to know better the solid core of your personality

This workshop will be run in English, but sharing and explanations can also be in Bahasa Indonesia (Materials are available in both languages)

Info and online registration: https://tinyurl.com/PRH-WhoAmI-English

Contact: prh@wicaksana.org

An invitation for humanity

We are in the grips of the covid-19 pandemic
How long will it last? Will there be another wave?
What will happen next? What do we need to do?
What do we really want?

This slideshow asks new questions
And wonders if there is another way to find the answers

All photos were taken from unsplash.com
Except for one taken from from the public domain: https://www.malaymail.com/…/balcony-stars-bring-joy…/1852623

The background music is subject to copyright: Kevin Duncan’s “Caledonian Skies” obtained from Spotify. It just happens to suit this slideshow very well. I hope he will allow the use of this music for this purpose. In return, I can only say that I highly recommend his music. It is calming and inspiring.

Personality and Human Relationships Workshops

Enhancing mental health and wellbeing by developing personality and human relations www.prh-Indonesia.org

Personality & Human Relations (Personnalité et Relations Humaines – PRH) adalah pendekatan humanistik untuk pengembangan diri dokter dan non-dokter sesuai potensi masing-masing. PRH dikembangkan di Perancis lebih dari 40 tahun yang lalu dan sudah ada di lebih dari 40 negara. Workshop kelompok kecil oleh fasilitator berlisensi internasional meningkatkan pengenalan diri (self-awareness) dan otonomi untuk menghadapi dan bangkit dari kesulitan-kesulitan dalam hidup dan mengaktualisasikan diri (self-actualization).

“Who Am I? Getting to know better the solid core of your personality”

Modul dasar (kerangka kepribadian), 18 SKP IDI
Instruktur: dr. Theresia Citraningtyas, MWH, PhD, SpKJ (edukator berlisensi PRH internasional)
Tempat: Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana, UKRIDA Kampus I, Jl. Tanjung Duren, Jakarta Barat
Waktu: 9-10 dan 16-17 November 2019 (4 hari dalam 2 weekend)
Pendaftaran dan informasi: http://tinyurl.com/PRHdoctors

Bila mau, dapat dilanjutkan dengan:

“Exploring My Inner World: Develop skills in PRH self-analysis”

Modul lanjutan kemampuan analisis (in English) 18 SKP IDI
Prasyarat: sudah pernah mengikuti modul PRH “Who Am I”
Instruktur: dr. Theresia Citraningtyas, MWH, PhD, SpKJ
Supervisor: Magda Uytersprott – Mantan presiden PRH International
Tempat: Bluesky Pandurata Boutique Hotel, Jl. Raden Saleh no. 20, Jakarta Pusat
Waktu: 30 November hingga 3 Desember 2019 (4 hari)
Pendaftaran dan informasi: http://tinyurl.com/PRH-Exploring

Bila mau, dapat dilanjutkan dengan:  

“Learning How to Receive Help/Help According to the PRH Helping Relationship Method : Apprenticing helping relationship as client/accompanist”

Modul relasi menolong (in English) 24 SKP IDI
Prasyarat: sudah mengikuti pernah mengikuti modul PRH “Exploring my inner world” dan bersedia mengikuti modul pengembangan berkelanjutan PRH (FPM)/sudah membuat inventori awal
Instruktur: Maarten Cuyvers – Director for PRH Asia
Tempat: Holiday Inn Express, Jl. Matraman Raya, Jakarta Timur
Waktu: 19 hingga 22 Desember 2019 (4 hari)

Pendaftaran dan informasi: prh@wicaksana.org

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, lihat: www.prh-Indonesia.org

PRH workshops 2019 – register now!

Who Am I (English) (Thursday-Sunday, 25-28 April 2019)

Duration: 4 days, number of participants: 6-15 persons

Who Am I? Getting to know better the solid core of your personality is the key workshop in PRH. It gives the foundation for further training, such as in PRH analysis, helping others using the PRH method, and other PRH workshops for personal growth. This workshop explores our self-image, autonomy, aspects of personality, and other key factors that help participants be more fully themselves. This workshop helps participants increase their self-awareness, supports personality development, assists the identification of key aspirations, and clarifies the conditions that support personality development and enhances solidity and self-esteem. These all can help you deal with challenges in life and work, and shine more fully in who you truly are.

Professionals whose work is in helping others can obtain the added benefit of in-depth knowledge of a life-giving approach, personality and growth to enhance their work with the people they help.

The workshop is experiential, with guided analysis, sharing, and enriching activities.

For more info and online registration: https://tinyurl.com/PRH-WhoAmI-English

Exploring My Inner World (English) (30 November – 3 December 2019)

Duration: 4 days, number of participants: 6-12 persons

This workshop aims to help you:
– Discover and practice the method of analysis of sensations as proposed by PRH in order to better understand what is happening within you.
– Distinguish various types of inner experiences.
– Learn to identify sensations having psychological content, explore them, and go deeper into them in order to learn something new about yourself.
– Understand yourself better and accelerate your growth.

For more info and online registration:  http://tinyurl.com/PRH-Exploring-English

Participation in the workshop “Who Am I” is a prerequisite for the advanced workshops: “Living more harmoniously”, “Exploring my inner world”, “Making good decisions”, “Accelerating my growth” and “Clarifying my relationships”.

For more information see: www.prh-Indonesia.org